Communications & Advocacy for Regional Nonprofit Organization

Skyline of Long Beach featuring tall buildings, a ferris wheel, and a clear sky. This image is used for a Long Beach Public Relations case study.

Presidio collaborated with a distinguished regional arts-sector nonprofit organization and service provider, a pillar in supporting the arts for nearly half a century in its host city, yet it longed for a more robust presence and a more synergistic relationship with City Hall to catalyze its growth. Despite its rich history and significant contributions to the city’s cultural fabric, the organization needed enhanced strategic communications, public advocacy, and government relations programs to forge stronger bonds with the local government and augment its influence in municipal initiatives. 

Presidio meticulously revamped these programs, leveraging the organization’s illustrious history and extensive portfolio to reinforce the city’s endeavors. Our innovative approaches and relentless advocacy culminated in a landmark achievement for the organization: for the first time in its history, direct funding was allocated to it in the city budget. This unprecedented support empowered the organization to significantly broaden its service offerings and amplify its impact in the community.


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