Permitting for National Food Services Provider

Presidio collaborated with a renowned national food services provider facing critical operational delays. The client had invested millions in developing and outfitting multiple new sites in Southern California, with significant revenue contingent upon the timely opening of these locations. However, entangled in the intricate web of the permitting process, the sites were pending clearance from the county health department. The situation necessitated swift and effective intervention to prevent any compromise on the investments made and the anticipated revenue.

Presidio efficiently orchestrated outreach, hosted enlightening briefings, arranged comprehensive site tours, and informed both staff and elected officials about the prevailing issues and their potential impacts. Our insightful education and meticulous coordination expedited the clearance process, allowing the sites to open as envisioned. This successful intervention illustrates Presidio’s acumen in navigating bureaucratic complexities and securing operational go-aheads, ultimately safeguarding our client’s investments and revenue expectations. It reflects our commitment to resolving governmental impediments efficiently, ensuring that our clients can focus on their core business objectives without regulatory hindrance.


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