Revitalized Communications Program for Statewide Association

Presidio had the privilege of working with a distinguished statewide public safety officers association to revitalize their public communications program, aiming to reach legislators and members more effectively. The organization was looking for improved engagement and enhanced online presence. In a short span of three months, our strategic approach resulted in a 44% surge in impressions, a 59% climb in engagements, and a notable 42% increase in website traffic originating from social media platforms.

We effectively leveraged the robust network of the association’s membership, driving significant email correspondence concerning association-endorsed bills to legislators and the governor. This led to increased statewide engagement, growth in membership, and a rise in collected dues across the state, allowing the association to accomplish its paramount legislative goals. 

Presidio takes pride in delivering impactful public communications strategies and government relations services, contributing to enhanced public engagement and legislative success for our clients. Our method centers on strategic communication and leveraging client networks to advance their advocacy and operational ambitions.


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